From Learning Objectives to a Tangible Learning Program

As we think about translating our learning objectives into a tangible learning program, we’re starting with a few core values:

Perspective Building, Not Rote Learning – design assignments in ways that encourage and facilitate fellows with building their own perspective on the topics.

Pursue Your Questions – create the space for each fellow to identify and pursue their own points of inquiry within the learning modules.

Tangible Outputs & Share What You Learn – each assignment must be presented and shared out so that we can all broaden our perspectives and share what we’re learning, growing our collective knowledge base.

Do Real Projects – whenever possible, align our learning to real-life projects, and learn by doing.

Using these values and the learning objectives in my previous post are the basis of the structure we’ve designed for our learning year.

Program Structure - Image.jpg


Our Learning Objectives – DOT Fellowship


This year started with a set of loosely defined learning goals – here is our first attempt and articulating and formalizing the key things we want to learn over the course of the year. Our next task, is to further define each area, outline the key questions we have in the space, set up learning modules, and exercises/assignments that will allow us to explore and build our understanding in each module. Stay tuned for more on this!