a space to create // the creation of space

  1. an open workspace to create. // All work in this blog is work in progress. The goal of the journey I’m on this year is to learn, and I only hope that I will actively challenge my own views and grow into beliefs that contradict old beliefs. When appropriate, I will repost work that I’ve built upon, highlighting any updates.
  2. a belief that we can achieve much more than we think we are capable of if we simply create a little extra space to grow every day. // This one year journey is as much about exploring and deepening my own potential, as it is about understanding the world around me.



I am an engineer and a designer who enjoys arranging, connecting and making sense of information and systems – particularly in global development. I’m inspired by the possibility of living in a world of compassion, universal freedom, and ubiquitous access to opportunity.

Currently, I’m on a one year self-directed master’s degree, looking to better understand the skills, tools, and mindsets required to be an exceptional designer and social impact leader. As part of this learning experience – the DOT Fellowship – I am spending the year in India working on development-related projects using systems and design thinking, curating a curriculum on development, design, and moral leadership, and exploring different models for learning.

Prior to this, I worked as a volunteer consultant at Goonj, a Delhi-based NGO creating a parallel economy using waste as a resource for rural development, and at BMO Financial Group, as a Business Transformation Consultant in the Office of the COO, on digital transformation projects, lean process improvements, and customer experience mapping. In 2014, I graduated from the University of Toronto, with an undergraduate degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering. While there, I worked on a variety of community development activities, including launching the Spark Design Group, where students came together to design and build large-scale interactive installations around campus, creating a more dynamic and inspiring work environment.

I’m always happy to chat more and explore ideas together. Connect with me at: anmol@dotfellowship.com / anmol.kaur18@gmail.com